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The Danish Union of Journalists

A trade union for people who work in journalism, media and communications

The Danish Union of Journalists, founded in 1961, is a trade union for people who work in journalism, media and communications. We currently have more than 18.000 members who are permanently employed or work freelance as journalists, photographers, cartoonists, TV producers, directors of documentaries, communicators, etc.

We seek to secure respect for press freedom as well as optimum working conditions for our members, their rights as authors, and their opportunities for skills enhancement. We seek to encourage the media and communication sectors to actively promote openness and dialogue in society.

We do this by optimising the quality of jobs and professions within the field of media and communication and by actively contributing to national and international debates on freedom of the press. Our activities rely on membership fees, as we are independent of party-political interests.

Although Denmark is a small country, the Danish Union of Journalists is one of the main contributors to the international safety of journalists’ work. The union’s various specialised groups, employee associations and geographical districts donate €60-70,000 every year to the DJ Safety Fund, administered by International Media Support.

Main Office:
Danish Union of Journalists – Media & communication
Gammel Strand 46
DK-1202 Copenhagen K

General Contact Info:
+45 3342 8000

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