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Mission East

Mission East is an international relief and development organisation.

Mission East is an international relief and development organisation, which works to help vulnerable populations, supporting communities’ capacities to organize and assist themselves, through activities ranging from disaster relief to development assistance.

Our vision is to empower people and communities in crisis affected countries to lift themselves out of poverty and marginalization.

Mission East works in response to community needs, in Disaster Response and Rural Community Development. As well as direct implementation, Mission East works with and through local and international partners to enhance the relevance, impact and sustainability of our programmes.

Our ‘Values in Action’ are honesty, integrity, compassion, respect for all people and valuing the individual.

Mission East has been Certified as Compliant with the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) and is a member of the CHS Alliance.  Mission East is a signatory to the Code of Conduct for Red Cross and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Disaster Relief. In our work we apply Sphere Project standards.

Main Office:
Mission East
Sankt Lukas Vej 13
2900 Hellerup

General Contact Info:
+45 39 61 20 48

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