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Civil Society in Development is an independent association of Danish Civil Society Organisations

CISU – Civil Society in Development is an independent association of 280+ small and medium-sized Danish Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). All members are actively engaged in development work around the world- either as their main engagement or as part of their activities. CISU supports Danish organisations’ national and global efforts for a just and sustainable world and is a platform for experience and knowledge sharing. We build capacity, promote mutual learning and innovative thinking, and strengthen popular participation in development cooperation. CISU promotes member organisations’ mutual interests and defends the space for civil societies around the world. CISU manage several funding mechanisms, or pool of funds, for Danish CSOs on behalf of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and strive to make resources available for a multitude of organisations and development activities. The Civil Society Fund has been managed by CISU since 2002, and in the period 2013-2018, CISU has also managed the granting through the Eastern Neighbourhood Civil Society Fund and the Fund for Climate and Environment, where the grants will be finalized during 2018-2019.

In 2017 CISU launched the Danish Emergency Relief Fund (DERF). DERF is a humanitarian funding mechanism managed within a partnership between Save the Children Denmark (SCD), Start Network, and CISU, with CISU as the lead organisation. The DERF is funded by the DMFA for a 4 year period (2016-2019) with annual allocations to be approved on the Danish Finance Act. Save the Children Denmark (SCD), Start Network, and CISU are all represented in the strategic management of the DERF. The three organisations do this based on their competences and experiences to make the DERF a solid humanitarian funding mechanism that put people affected by crisis in the center of the efforts. The overall objective of the DERF is to provide flexible and rapid humanitarian funding enabling Danish NGOs and CSOs and their partners to initiate provision of emergency relief to affected populations in humanitarian crisis to meet urgent needs and prevent further loss of life or
escalation of suffering.

Main Office:
Klosterport 4a,
8000 Århus C,

General Contact Info:
+45 8612 0342

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