Last updated: 10th of May 2018


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What are cookies

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What are your choices regarding cookies

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Where can you find more information about cookies

You can learn more about cookies and the following third-party websites:


General information protection in Danish Interagency Safety Network.

As part of activities at Danish Interagency Safety Network, we process personal information. This Privacy Policy describes how we treat your data.

Transparent data processing

In this privacy policy, you can read how we treat data about you and what purposes they are being used for. You have received or will receive part of the same information when you register your information with us.

Regarding information given on the basis of consent:


Registrant rights


As registered with DISN, you have agreed to comply with some rights. We, hereby, explain how DISN handles these rights, and how you can exercise your rights as a registered person. Data administrators shall inform the data subject, without undue delay, of how the company handles the registrant’s exercise of the rights of data subjects.

Your rights are:


Right to insight:

You are entitled at any time to know which of your personal data do we use, where they originate and what we apply them to. You can also find out how long we keep your personal data and who receives data about you. If, as a registered person, you wish to exercise your right to insight in connection with the personal information provided for a given purpose, you as registered must do as follows: The registrant can send an e-mail to, which is subsequently processed by the data cadministratos. The registrant will subsequently receive a confirmation with the information registered in connection with this letter of consent and the purpose for which they have been collected.

Right to rectification

As a registrant, you have the right to correct the information we process about you. If you wish to exercise your right to rectification in connection with the personal information provided for a given purpose, you must do as follows: The registrant can send an e-mail to, which is subsequently processed by the data administrator. The registrant will subsequently receive a confirmation with the information registered in connection with the correction of data.

Right to delete

As a registered person, you may, in certain cases, have the right to delete your information we have, however, there are cases where we have a legal obligation to store them. We have procedures to delete information that no longer serves purpose or as a legal obligation to store and process them.

Right to object

As a registered person you have the right to object to our processing of your personal information.


Right to limitation of treatment

As a registered person you have the right to request a limitation on our processing of your personal information.



Right to withdrawal of consent

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

Right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority

If the registrant wishes to exercise his right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, the registrant may file a complaint to the supervisory authority by contacting the supervisory authority. In Denmark, the supervisory authority is the data supervisory authority. It is possible to file a complaint on the data surveillance website.

Data Administrator

If you, as a registered person, have used your rights to any correction or deletion of personal data or limitation of treatment performed pursuant to Article 16, Article 17. 1, and Article 18, notify the data administrator of all recipients to which personal data have been disclosed so that the necessary actions of the parties are made to ensure the rights of the data subject.

What do we use your data for (processing of personal data)

We store and process data about you to make our service better and keep in contact with you. The data we use includes: collection of ordinary personal data and traffic data on the use of the Internet.

We collect and store your data for specific purposes or other legitimate interests and purposes.

– Compliance with your request for services

– Improvement of our services

– Adapting our communication to you

– Administration of your relationship with us

– In connection with login on our network portal, name, email and company name will be provided to provide you with a login account. This information is only used for contact details and network database. The data is stored on the DISN website but only available to the DISN Administration, unless the registrant wishes otherwise.

We treat only personal information about you that is relevant and sufficient in relation to the purposes for which they are collected. It depends on the purpose of which information is sufficient and relevant. You will be informed about why we collect the individual information when submitting your information. We collect, process and store only the personal information necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they are collected. There may be legal obligations that apply to the data administrator and are the reason we collect, process and store personal data. You can always request insight, cf. the process above.


Personal information update

We verify that the personal information we treat about you is not incorrect or misleading. We also make sure to update your personal data continuously. Several of our services depend on the accuracy and up-to-date information, so we ask you to provide us with any inaccuracies or changes in your personal information. We use your Email and Name when sending newsletters, however of course, we process only the information you have consented to.

Treatment Security – Organizational and Technical

What organizational measures have been taken to ensure information provided.


Danish Interagency Safety Network

Secretariat: Danish Refugee Council

Borgergade 9

1300 Copenhagen, Denmark

Data administrator

Kiki Hynding Hansen

Technical precautions

The website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which means SSL is an encryption protocol, meaning that it is only sender and recipient who can read the information sent between them. You can thus enter your information securely on our website.

When we receive your information, they will be kept safe. We use O365, which provides the following technical warranties for technical security (the following link describes Mailchimp’s security setup)

Purpose of treatment and legal basis

This Statement of Conformity deals with Website, Newsletters and Registration for Events at home and abroad.

By issuing a statement of consent, DISN has the right to process personal information as mentioned below for the stated purpose.


Consent deals with the following treatment


This consent has been given voluntarily by the data subject and is not subject to other conditions, including performance of the contract

Information gathered in connection with this letter of consent derives from

Data Processors or Recipients of Personal Information

Time when the company stores and processes personal data

The Company stores and processes personal data as provided in connection with this Statement of Conformity, as long as there is a treatment, unless one of the following is applicable, after which personal information will be deleted:



The company shall keep a copy of this letter of consent as proof that the registrant has given consent and that the terms of consent have been met. Consent statement is kept secure. The registrant receives a copy of the email address provided, if this is possible.

Duration of the consent

The consent is valid until the purpose is no longer valid or the consent is withdrawn.