Steering committee meeting / November 11, 2019

West Africa workshop:

The coordinator informs that members of the network has announced, that invitations must be sent out in better time. This is agreed. Likewise, it should be stated in future, which language is spoken, as the present workshop was presented in Danish, but there were several English speakers.

The website:

Website must be updated (Katja is responsible) Bolette sends text to be posted.

Minutes of the meetings must be posted on the website in english (Katja is responsible)

Link to map must be posted as the current one does not work. The purpose is to get an overview of where the various organizations are located. (Katja is responsible)

Bolets sends a link to Katja (Bolette is responsible)

Frederik asks consultant at DRC if possible with own card (Fredrik is responsible)

Review of the project document:

Meeting with Global Focus must be arranged, so that it can be discussed whether it is possible to get a new no cost exention. No money has been spent on the working groups, so it has to be discussed whether it is possible to move around the financial resources, as the need has changed. Thus, it is still the same purpose, but other activities may be necessary to achieve this. (Liban, Fredrik and Miriam are responsible)

What is going on in the future will be discussed in relation to activities in DISN.

It is suggested by Fredrik, that an event, tailored to smaller organizations could be arranged, based on Shaun Bickley’s safety manual “A Basic guide for smaller NGOs”. Fredrik suggests that Shaun be invited and present it and its content. The focus will thus be on the small NGO in the center. (Fredrik is responsible)

In addition to the above, it is also discussed that safety change mangement, FLO, must be held, and Duty of care – with more focus on the legal aspect.

 Review of Economics:

The projects budget is presented by Liban and Fredrik. There is approximately 200.000 DKK left.

Discussion of DISN’s governance:

DISN’s governance is discussed. It is agreed that the management rotates every quarter, and whoever has the management, will assist the coordinator in managing the project during this period. Liban has submitted a document on this, and would like to request written answers from the steering committee by November 18, otherwise the content will be considered acceptable. (Katja is responsible for sending out reminder of this)

Margit is from this date officer the next quarter. It is agreed that Margit and the coordinator will agree one day and start a status report. (Margit and Katja are in charge)

In response to feedback on the Libans document, Katja also sends Bolette’s letter regarding. who may attend the meetings. (Katja is responsible)

It is also agreed that at each meeting Katja has updated the budget with, and if Frederik is not included, financial decisions must be made at this meeting. Frederik, however, has to investigate whether this is possible before, as he is budget manager. (Katja and Fredrik are responsible)

Coordinator and steering committee are discussed. It is agreed that the coordinator will say if there are any challenges or other, and that in the future it is a good idea to define to the coordinator what is expected,  in relation to events.

External and internal trainers:

It is being discussed that we need to become better at using internal resources. If no one can step in internally, then we get resources from outside.

It is also being debated whether it would be an idea with a strong evaluation – What can we each offer the network?

It is agreed that in the future, if you need to obtain external, you must ask internally.


It is agreed that the future calendar should include following activities:

1.Duty of care / Safety change management + steering committee meeting (January 17, all day – (Liban and Joseph

2.Krisestyring (Fredrik)

3. FLO – Liban and Roar

4. Safety for smaller groups (Bolette and Frederik)

5. Exercise Opportunities (Bollette)

6. first half Advocay workshop – is it interested? (Margit and Dorte)

7. half year Advocay workshop II (Margit and Dorte)

8. Final workshop (steering committee) (December)

It is agreed that those who are in charge will come up with a draft within a few weeks, and then others from the steering committee can sign up.

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